More Great Conductors Arturo Toscanini

More Great Conductors

More Great Conductors

More Great Conductors – Here are a few more of my favorite conductors.

Guido Cantelli (1920 – 1956)
If Cantelli had not died so early in his career, he would probably be one of the greatest conductors of the second half of the 20th century. An excellent biography with a complete list of performances is Guido Cantelli: Portrait of a Maestro (1981) by Laurence Lewis, San Diego: A.S. Barnes & Company, Inc. oxplay

Constantin Silvestri (1913 – 1969)
The Disky 10 CD set is not available. Otherwise I would advise you to rush out and get it NOW! I can give no higher praise to this great conductor than to say I would be hard pressed to assemble 10 CDs of Toscanini that would contain this much incredible music making.

Leopold Stokowski (1882 – 1977)
What can I say but that I love this guys way with music, even when I am going “What was this guy thinking?!!!”. Start with the RCA box set. Try to find some of the out-of-print London Phase Four CDs – not LPs and then work through any of his Wagner, especially the Everest Parsifal Synthesis, and the stunning 1934 R-K Scheherazade. Use the LSSA site to help you pick.