Links to Toscanini


Toscanini Online
Excellent site with lots of information.

Toscanini Discography Home Page
Website by John Wilson.

Toscanini's London Career
Discussion of Toscanini's London Career from First Coast Opera.

Toscanini, The Recorded Legend, Classical Notes
Notes by Peter Gutmann.

Toscanini Essay from 'Music in the Mail'
Essay by Karl Glassman, NBC Symphony Tympanist 1937-54.

4 April 1943 concert
Mid-Fi QuickTime of Complete 4 April 1943 concert from

The Art of Arturo Toscanini
Website by Mr. Sakamoto.

Record Labels

The following labels are actively releasing material.

Music & Arts
Disco Archivia

I have not yet purchased from Disco Archivia so I do not know the quality of their work