About the Gould Collection of Recordings


The Gould Collection of Recordings is a fully relational database developed with FileMaker Pro. It contains the categories suggested in the Association for Recorded Sound Collections Journal (ARSC), Volume 28, No. 2 Fall, 1997 "Formulating Guidelines for Discographies". In addition, I'm including notes to indicate my performance preferences and my opinion of the sound quality of each recording. The FileMaker database was converted to HTML with a Perl program that created a set of web pages that allows the user to:

  1. View the details of a particular performance
  2. Find the contents of a record or CD
  3. Find all of the pieces performed on a given day
  4. Find all of the pieces performed by a soloist

Sound Quality

Due to the sizable quantity of recordings I have, many of the decisions made about the sound quality of a recording may have been first impressions based on two or three spot checks of 15 to 20 seconds each. Sometimes I've changed my mind after another listening, particularly after I've had a chance to listen to the complete issue. The recordings are listed in order of my preference. In many cases two or three pressings of a performance may sound different but equally good (or bad). In those cases, the first entry you see listed could be arbitrary. In some cases I've listed the CD pressing first.

Music Examples

All music examples in this site are protected under the "Fair Use" Section 107 of the Copyright Law (U.S. Code, Title 17).

The examples on this site are in QuickTime format in a best quality setting to try to preserve the actual sound of the original CD. Your sound is of course dependent upon the quality of your sound card, amplifiers, and speakers. My system uses the internal sound card in my Power Mac 1GHz dual-processor G4, NAD 3020 amplifier, and Rogers LS3/5A speakers. Please recognize that the sound you hear has been degraded from the original CD when played back through a high quality reproducing system.

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

As you look through my database of recordings you will see that I have rated the sound quality of each one. The opinions are strictly my own. I am not affiliated with any record company and I don't know anyone even remotely associated with these recordings. I haven't received any compensation from anyone to review these recordings.

Please pretend that there are trademarks by any record label names mentioned.

All music examples in this site are protected under the "Fair Use" Section 107 of the Copyright Law (U.S. Code, Title 17).