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 Composer  Wagner  
 Composition    Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg  
 Ensemble  Salzburg Fest, Vienna Philharmonic  
 Date  1937.08.05  
 Location  Festspielhaus, Salzburg  
 Session  Live  

Vocal Soloist
 Soloist    Role    Range  
 Nissen    Hans Sachs    Bass-Baritone  
 Noort    Walter von Stolzing    Tenor  
 Reining    Eva    Soprano  
 Sallaba    David    Tenor  
 Wiedemann    Sixtus Beckmesser    Baritone  
 Alsen    Veit Pogner    Bass  
 Thorborg    Magdalene    Contralto  

Andante transferred from the original Selenophone film by Seth Winner.

Melodram I suspect did not mess too much with their source which are probably pretty close to the original laquer dubs. The Andante sound shows a surprising lack of coloration and a respectable high end. Not being familiar with other live opera recordings of this vintage I can only comment that this is a wonderful performance and that the Andante pressing is a big improvement over the Melodram but that still the sound quality keeps it in the category of being for those interested in historic performances.


 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Andante    AND3040    Wagner - Die Meistersinger - Salzburg 1937    CD  
 Melodram    MEL 012 (5)    Toscanini: Wagner Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg    LP