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 Composer  Vaughan Williams  
 Composition    Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1938.10.15  
 Location  Studio 8-H  
 Session  Broadcast  

Sound so good, it is hard to believe this is 1938

A stunning performance rich in detail and nuance enhanced by Studio 8-H. The normal modern recording of this piece in a highly reverberant hall leaves a luxurious sonic mess hiding the inner beauty of this piece that T brings out to incredible effect here.

Guild more open upper end and not quite as tubby.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Guild    GHCD 2211-2    Toscanini: Vaughan Williams, Brahms, Haydn    CD  
 Relief    CR 1888    Toscanini: Music from English Composers    CD