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 Composer  Rossini  
 Composition    William Tell (3 excerpts)  
 Ensemble  La Scala Orchestra  
 Date  1946.05.11  
 Location  Teatro alla Scala  
 Session  Live  

Concert to Inaugurate the Re-Built Theater.

From a very noisy source. SRO filtered and muddy, Naxos plenty of acetate noise and some what piercing at times but more natural balance overall.

3;53 vs. 4:00

4:59 vs. 5:00

4:22 vs. 4:28  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Naxos    8.110821-22    Toscanini: Reopening of La Scala 1946    CD  
 Standing Room Only    SRO-802-3    Toscanini at La Scala 1946-1948    CD