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 Composer  Puccini  
 Composition    Manon Lescaut (Act III Intermezzo)  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1944.07.02  
 Location  Studio 8-H  
 Session  Broadcast  

Beautifully played

RCA incorrectly labeled 1949.12.10.

In reality the overall best balance is probably the LP. I really should try to get a good EQ out of one of these. IMG a little over filtered and RCA to thin and bright.

The proper high end balance is somewhere in between . The CDs are about 2.5% faster than the LP. I haven't checked which is correct but the CDs sounds a little more natural.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 IMG Artists    7243 5 62939 2 2    Toscanini: Great Conductors of the 20th Century    CD  
 RCA    09026-60309-2    AT Collection Vol 50    CD  
 Franklin Mint    TOSC 6    Orchestral Showpieces    LP