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 Composer  Gershwin  
 Composition    Rhapsody in Blue  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1942.11.01  
 Location  Studio 8-H  
 Session  Broadcast  

Instrumental Soloist
 Soloist    Instrument  
 Goodman    Clarinet  
 Wild    Piano  

Guild Generally better clarity and dynamics than VJC but the first piano solo on Guild is at a much lower level than on VJC. The second solo pretty much matches so I'm not sure whether there was some gain riding going on with VJC or something wrong with the Guild source.

ARK Virtually identical to VJC  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Guild    GHCD 2256-57    Toscanini - All American Concerts    CD  
 American Classics, Opus One    VJC-1034    Toscanini+Goodman=Gershwin!    CD  
 Arkadia    ARK 4    Toscanini: Gershwin Wild, Goodman, Levant    LP