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 Composer  Brahms  
 Composition    Tragic Overture  
 Ensemble  BBC Symphony  
 Date  1937.10.25  
 Location  Queen's Hall, London  

Biddulph nice unprocessed sound but could use a little more presence.

EMI slightly shrill with some reverb. Initially sounds very exiciting but on second listening has an an unnatural processed quality.

Seraphim somewhat distant and muddy.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Biddulph    WHL008-9    Toscanini: The Complete Issued HMV Recordings    CD  
 EMI    CDH 7 69783 2    Toscanini: Brahms Symphony No. 4    CD  
 Seraphim    60150    Toscanini Overtures BBC Symphony    LP