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 Composer  Brahms  
 Composition    Symphony No. 1  
 Ensemble  Philharmonia Orchestra  
 Date  1952.09.29  
 Location  Royal Festival Hall London  
 Session  Broadcast  

Awsome Tympani

Much better strings and dynamics on Testament than Hunt.

Hunt somewhat better sound than DOC.

CDE heavily filtered high end.

ATS Limited dynamics, muffled sound. contains commentary.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Testament    SBT-3167    Toscanini: Brahms Four Symphonies    CD  
 Hunt    3 HUNTCD 524    Toscanini dirige Brahms    CD  
 Fonit Cetra    DOC 52    Toscanini Dirgie Brahms    LP  
 Fonit Cetra    CDE 1016    Toscanini: Brahms    CD  
 The Arturo Toscanini Society/Turnabout    THS 65027-30    Toscanini Conducts Brahms    LP