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 Composer  Bizet  
 Composition    Carmen Suite  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1952.08.05  
 Location  Carnegie Hall  
 Session  Studio  

Arrangement: Toscanini

All of these are very close except LM SD with just light differences in the high end.

FM has the best balance in the highs with the most inner details in the strings.

VIC is almost identical to FM.

GS Turn treble up and then excellent.

Immortal almost identical to GS but slightly less highs.

LM MD similar to FM and VIC but with slightly more wear.

AT has slightly less highs and detail than GS.

LM SD least amount of high end.

VCM Excellent dynamics and balance but has been reverbed.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Franklin Mint    TOSC 6    Orchestral Showpieces    LP  
 RCA    VIC-1263    Toscanini: Tchaikovsky - Bizet - Ponchielli - Catalani    LP  
 RCA    60274-2-RG    AT Collection Vol 34    CD  
 RCA    74321 66924 2    The Immortal - Vol. IX French Orchestral Music    CD  
 RCA Germany    AT 124    Toscanini Concert Favorites    LP  
 RCA    LM-6026    A Toscanini Omnibus    LP  
 RCA    VCM-7001    Toscanini Plays Light Classics    LP