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 Composer  Berlioz  
 Composition    Roman Carnival Overture  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1953.01.19  
 Location  Carnegie Hall  
 Session  Studio  

Imortal Excellent sound Turn treble up on Immortal and GS

GS Almost identical, but slightly less detail and slightly tubby bass.

RVC Excellent sound but some tape hiss compared to CDs.

LM Both MD and SD pitched higher. More surface noise on MD. Might be close to GS at same pitch.

FM Tonal balance not quite right. Lacks lows and presence.

AT Thin, lacks bass.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 RCA    74321 66924 2    The Immortal - Vol. IX French Orchestral Music    CD  
 RCA    09026-60322-2    AT Collection Vol 39    CD  
 RCA Japan    RVC-1557    Toscanini: Berlioz - Harold in Italy    LP  
 Franklin Mint    TOSC 6    Orchestral Showpieces    LP  
 RCA    LM-1834    Toscanini Plays Your Favorites    LP  
 RCA Italy    AT 100    Toscanini: Respighi Pines/Fountains - Berlioz Roman Carnival    LP