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 Composer  Beethoven  
 Composition    Symphony No. 5  
 Ensemble  New York Philharmonic  
 Date  1933.04.09  
 Location  Carnegie Hall  
 Session  Live Concert  

My favorite B5

Naxos 8.110840 Unbelievable sound and dynamic range for 1933. Mastered by Mark Obert-Thorn and showing his improvement in technique and technology between this disc from 2001 and the Pearl set he mastered in 1989.

The rest of these pressings are in decreasing quality.

Naxos 8.110801 misdated 1933.04.04.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Naxos    8.110840    Toscanini: Beethoven 5, 7 - NY Philharmonic    CD  
 Pearl    GEMM CDS 9373    Toscanini & the NYPSO 1926-36    CD  
 Music & Arts    ATRA-684    Toscanini Conducts Beethoven    CD  
 The Arturo Toscanini Recordings Association (Discocorp)    ATRA-3010    Toscanini Conducts Beethoven    LP  
 Naxos    8.110801    Toscanini: Beethoven Sym. 5 - Triple Concerto    CD  
 Relief    821    Toscanini: Beethoven Sinfonien 4+5    LP