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 Composer  Beethoven  
 Composition    Symphony No. 1  
 Ensemble  NBC Symphony  
 Date  1939.10.28  
 Location  Studio 8-H  
 Session  Broadcast  

Naxos pitched 1.8% fast

Identical sound on ATRA and Naxos, excellent.

ATS Poor quality shortwave but with some redeaming qualities.

NE Heavily filtered.

CR Horrid reverb.  

 Label    Issue    Album Title    Format  
 Naxos    8.110802-3    Toscanini: Beethoven Sym. Nos. 1 & 3    CD  
 The Arturo Toscanini Recordings Association    ATRA-3011    Toscanini: Pre-War Concert Performances, Vol. 1    LP  
 The Arturo Toscanini Society/Olympic    ATS 1113    Toscanini: Beethoven Sym. 1 & 2    LP  
 Nuova Era    2243-8    Toscanini: Beethoven Nine Symphonies . Overtures    CD  
 Relief    CR 1861    Toscanini: Beethoven Sym 1&4 Vol. 2    CD